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Why MindHive?

Growing crowd of verified experts

University researchers, strategic consultants, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.
Time-efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Finding solutions faster, generating more innovative ideas, and quicker access to expertise.


Sourcing directly from verified experts, MindHive is more likely to solve a strategy or policy problem than broad public engagement.

Competitive ideas

Connecting expert networks and creating an ideas marketplace.

Benefits for Organisations

Crowdsource experts

Good solutions are rarely developed in isolation. Whether you are looking for efficiency or innovation, diversifying expertise increases your success.

Fast results

Commissioning a study is expensive and time-consuming. By crowdsourcing expertise and using the efficiencies of online communication, there is no limit to how far and how fast you can go.


Internally, externally, within your industry and across the spectrum – privately or publicly, collaboration has never been easier.

Proven methods

You don't need to reinvent the wheel each time you solve a challenge. Use the proven methodologies and templates designed to solve a variety of challenges and communicate the findings efficiently.

Increase impact and thought leadership

Great solutions, discoveries and ideas deserve to be noticed. Share your results with the Hive and demonstrate your leadership in real time.

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Benefits for Hivers


Use your expertise and experience to engage with the broader community of experts on important issues in policy and strategy development, and make a difference to the way organisations solve these challenges. You’ll also get feedback on your contributions, and on the progress of the policy/strategy.


Meet and work with other experts from a variety of backgrounds. Gain access to secondments, industry collaboration and research opportunities.


Contribute as much or as little as you want. You can be a panel member and drive a policy/strategy, or use the convenience of the internet to simply comment. Contributing expertise will grow the influence and impact of your ideas and contributions.

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Our clients include

“MindHive is about problem solving. Tech is second. It’s an enabler. We have a proven strategy and policy problem solving method – and you get access to it to MindHive your challenges. They get solved. The problem solving method was designed by five ex-Oxford strategy / policy leaders - the web built by Australia’s number one web company, Wiliam. We’re a team of strategists and policy leaders who have honed a craft of engaging diverse thinking into problem solving for the past 15 years - Australia’s longest non-government funded think tank. You get to be a part of that legacy - independent quality thought leadership."

Bruce Muirhead, CEO of Eidos Institute, MindHive Founder.

CEO, Bruce Muirhead, discusses collective intelligence on Radio National's Future Tense

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